How we will build your solution



A quick and thorough look at the whole picture. Your company, business, customers, vision.

How does it work? Case studies, workshops, strategic thinking, triple checks. Solid basis for further work.

Product vision

Now we can start to a better picture of the project. The fundamentals are fine.

Some companies are clear about their visions and plans. But it is fine to also have further questions because the business environment is fluid. We are here to respond.

Mindmaps, brainstormings, roadmaps, scenarios, all structures are on the table.

Design strategy

It starts with the UX imaging.

The targeted customer has to gain substance. Fast, accurate, and attractive. To get him where he is supposed to be. In line with his philosophy, image, strategy, and sales plans.

There are out-of-the box moments in the process of defining the UX image. This is fine. We will find out how this icing on the cake will taste to your clients.

Thanks to the thorough UX-defining approach the client will be closer to your brand and influence.


UX / UI Design

Now the project enters the visible phase. Wireframes, models, prototypes, and the technical structure of the core work.

A detailed structure of the application, a list of pages, types of users, functionalities, and access control is designed.

The particular screens are organized and approved into logical and user-friendly order.

Graphic design

The screens are drawn. Everything makes sense, fits into the goal and strategy. It's time to move on to the final graphic design.

The graphic solution must provide the best user experience.


Does the customer respond to the application according to our expectations? A prototype or MVP, which will provide valuable inputs for further development, serves as a testbed of the design.


Full stack development

We have knowledge and experience from the entire spectrum of the technology stack. From detailed, on-a-pixel, precise front-end work to comprehensive back-end infrastructure.

Platform architecture

We will design the architecture of the platform exactly according to your needs. Expect a swift, stable and reliable solution.

Quality and testing

With testing capabilities and tools, we aim for one thing - to successfully deliver the project in time.


Performance improvement

We will design KPIs, set up systems for their measurement and visualize data into clear dashboards, which we will supplement with our analysis and solution proposals.


Our experienced team will take care of the smooth running of your system.


New technologies and approaches always offer the possibility of gaining some edge.

Why Us

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    of experience
  • Multi-technological
    talented team
  • Reliable solutions
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  • Major international

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System managing assistance services of Insurance companies and Autoclubs

Police of the Czech Republic

SAT tracks every transport of weapons and explosives

Police of the Czech Republic, Interior Ministry of the Czech Republic

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