Machine vision

Security and Armed Forces

Machine vision

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Machine Vision
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The system is suitable primarily for secure and armed forces.

Situation before

System for robotized screening of a static or dynamic vision. It detects, analyzes, and tracks objects and measures distances and directions. With limited sensitivity to impaired conditions.


To deploy AI-based image reading with low requirements on computing power and ready for a variety of tasks.


Our solution is titled Machine Vision.



- Low requirements for computing power

- Supports autonomous lightweight devices

- Ready for a variety of tasks

- Multiple object detection

- Ready for more detection sources processing

- Detailed analysis of selected object

- Locking, tracking, and measuring static or moving objects

- Low sensitivity to compromised or partial vision

- Up to 43 000 simultaneous objects in one field


Objects we detect, for example:

- Individuals

- Vehicles and machines

- Special equipment

The system can learn anything to detect



- Any digital camera compatible

- CPU (x86/64, ARM) or GPU with CUDA

- Tested on Nvidia Jetson Nano with a dedicated GPU

- Extension with a mini camera or wifi module


Sources to connect:

- Thermal camera

- Lidar