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System managing assistance services of Insurance companies and Autoclubs

FAST - Assistance Service System
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In the dynamic landscape of the insurance sector and autoclubs, assistance services have emerged as indispensable offerings designed to provide comprehensive support to customers. These services encompass a spectrum of vital provisions, including Roadside Assistance, Medical Assistance, Travel Assistance, Home and Legal Assistance. The incorporation of these assistance services not only enhances customer satisfaction but also reflects a commitment to ensuring the well-being and security of clients. 



Situation before

Assistance service is a crucial component of nearly every insurance or autoclub service. Therefore, the insurance company or autoclub promptly addresses any issues for clients in distress, creating a significant customer experience. The key factors are the speed and quality of the solution. To achieve this, the operator of the assistance call center requires a stable system that swiftly identifies and plans the fastest intervention, provides all relevant information, and efficiently concludes each case.


Design a universal assistance service system applicable to international markets.

Digitize the processes behind assistance cases.


FAST is an all-in-one solution for managing and supporting the assistance responses and included services provided to clients. 

A significant element are coverage providers, which can include banks, insurance companies, issuers of payment and assistance cards, assistance companies themselves or car dealers.

  • FAST is a web-based application accessible from any device with an internet connection, ensuring flexibility and convenience for the team.
  • It is highly adaptable, allowing for seamless integration with users´ internal systems and branding elements through advanced APIs.
  • Leveraging open-source technology, FAST not only cost-effectively streamlines the operations,  but also ensures security.
  • The billing module simplifies complex internal and partner account settlements, making financial management effortless.
  • Additionally, FAST includes a telephony module for efficient call handling, a user-friendly dashboard for monitoring KPIs, and instant support for multiple languages.

At the core of the system are connected modules like:

  • Medica for medical assistance
  • Legal
  • Travel
  • Home
  • Auto for Roadside Assistance.

The System allows the Operator to review the process and supports the Case initial reaction within  the whole communication complex (see below),registration, display, search for and recording of respective information/data. The System provides the full logical/UX- “Dashboard” sequence and tools to manage and control the Response and a list of products, price lists, Coverage, and Partners´ data, plus billing interfaces. The System also contains other functionalities that support the process, such as telephony, SMS/e-mail gates, documents attaching, and documents creation according to Templates and the Client localization module. External access modules (websites) for Clients and Partners are part of the system.

The System is highly customizable, with modules set to improve general communication between the parties, with highly automated access and processing of relevant data structures and content.

The system components are

  • DASHBOARD - The Dashboard is the System environment where the Operator monitors, manages and supervises all CasesThe Dashboard Layout delineates the structure and functions of the System environment.
  • SAPP - The server interconnection hub for the System. It contains and supports the Dashboard with all its functions, communications, and connections, including the ability to establish a Call Center, encompass or connect to other subsystems, such as the External Client Website, Partner Website, or APIs, facilitating integration on other external systems. SAPP is highly configurable, and all descriptions provided below stem from the fundamental configuration, which can be readily altered or adjusted to align with the OAMTCs´ preferences.
  • MAPP is a mobile application designed for Roadside Assistance, enabling FAST and Operators to communicate with partners providing towing and other assistance services. Using MAPP, partners receive information about new incidents and can document the entire process, including photo documentation.
  • iAssist - A custom mobile application designed for Clients. It enables connection with the Operator, provides real-time Client localization, allows for photo documentation, and, under certain conditions, is intended to be a part of fully automated process administration. It also includes a module that offers traffic information and additional features to support communication with the assistance service provider.